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SIMPLY PURE Finest woodcarvings are the evolution of style for your home as well as for your work environment, a stunning alternative to traditional wall decorations like paintings and other artwork . SIMPLY PURE Lotus Flower wall panels are exquisite expressions of beauty with a unique charism that will undoubtedly become the center pieces of any room they grace. Make a statement with what you hang on your wall. Invite tranquillity, elegant simplicity and superior craftsmanship into your interiors.

Design SUN represents a sun and is a new variation of the classical lotus flower wall panels. 

Each wood carving is handcrafted by hill tribe craftsmen in Northern Thailand  and is the result of countless hours meticulously shaping, sanding and finishing each of the intricate lotus flower motif designs. These wonders of wood are all completely crafted by hand, the smaller lotus panels can take a couple of weeks to complete, the larger panels EACH take between 3-6 months. 

It is stunning decorative centerpiece for any room: Living room, sleeping room, kitchen or bathroom. 

Each lotus panel is cut into 30 cm wide sections, that fit perfectly together when assembled, for ease of making & shipping. As each piece is completely unique, variations in wood colour and carving will occur, which only enhance the beauty of these handcrafted pieces of art.

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