Interior styling with the elegance of Simply Pure






Do you like the serene style of Simply Pure and would you like to apply it in your own home? But how do you start this interior styling and where do you find the time? Summon Britta! She will be happy to help you restyle your entire interior in our recognizable style.

Together with Britta you give your interior an enchanting make-over. Of course she always tries to keep elements of yourself. Because an interior often consists of personal meanings and reflections of our character. We at Simply Pure believe that a home only feels like home when it reflects the personality of its residents.


This is our starting point to enrich your interior with some characteristic elements:

  • We use the motto 'less is more'.
  • We use natural materials and colors.
  • We strive for a pure and peaceful atmosphere.
  • We enrich your interior with handmade, ethnic 'statement pieces' as eye-catchers in your home.


Together with you, Britta tries to create an oasis of peace, in which you feel at home and recognize your own character.

With a harmonious interior with lots of light, natural colors and materials and a number of beautiful, ethnic eye-catchers, you create a wonderful home with a contemporary character.

Of course the unique products of Simply Pure, from the most beautiful parts of the world, are a nice basis for the restyling of your interior. But Britta also looks for other suitable furniture, lighting or accessories. In Simply Pure's network of artists and craftsmen in Africa, Asia and Europe, we always know how to find the right suppliers to give your home a new look.

Curious? Feel free to contact us via [email protected] or the phone number +31642731136. If you are located in the Netherlands, Britta will be happy to visit you for a free intake interview. In this interview you can discuss your wishes, after which you will receive an appropriate offer.