Inspiration Advice | short and powerful styling advice at your home (indoor or outdoor)



Inspiration Advice for 599.00


INSPIRATION advice is fast and effective styling and design advice at your home or business premises.

In a two-hour session, Britta will visit your space, discuss your design needs and answer any questions you may have. Within a week after the visit, you will receive design advice on colors, materials and recommended furniture style based on your preferences, requirements and your lifestyle.


€ 599.00


You get:

  • A two-hour in-person visit at your home or business
  • Answers to any questions you might have
  • Design consultation of your premises including color and material advice
  • Within a week after the session, a Look and Feel package with inspirational photos of styling and design suggestions, color chart, material recommendations
  • 10% discount for three months on products ordered from


Are you interested in an Inspiration Advice design consultation? Contact us without obligation on [email protected] or +31642731136. We hope to hear from you soon!