An interior is an extension of yourself. That’s why at Simply Pure we believe every decor should be pure and unique, just like you. Therefore our exotic products are authentic and handmade by artisans from all over the world. Every product is unique, because no two pieces of handicrafts can ever be the same.

Our collection consists of timeless designs with a fine sense of detail and indigenous ingenuity. They carry the beautiful spirit of various exotic cultures. Our products are full of natural beauty and are an enrichment for every interior, be it of a house, hotel, restaurant or office.

Our whole collection is made out of natural materials. Take our Asian wall panels, for example. They are hand carved out of sustainable teak of the highest quality. A real natural product! The same goes for our original Beni Ourain rugs. The Moroccan weavers make these carpets out of the wool of special sheep, which only live in the rugged Atlas mountains.

Besides our passion for exotic designs and natural products, we at Simply Pure have yet another mission. Some of our products come from relatively poor regions. That’s why we started a collaboration with development organisation Warm Heart Worldwide. As a result, we sell beautiful fashion accessories made by the locals of the village of Phrao in northern Thailand. Of course all earnings go to the makers!