Finest handcrafted home treasures from around the world, uniting craftsmanship, natural materials and contemporary purity.


"The soul of an interior is reflected in carefully selected eye catchers which enrich it."

Britta v. Wedel, Simply Pure 


The modern concept of Simply Pure represents handcrafted ethnic interior items with a contemporary design.

Artisans and artists from all over the world create our products with indigenous ingenuity and a fine sense of detail. All products are unique, because no two handicrafts can ever be the same. Their authentic character make them an eye-catcher and enrichment to every interior, be it of a house, hotel, restaurant or office.

Our whole collection is made out of natural materials. Take our Thai wall panels, for example. They are hand carved out of sustainable teak of the highest quality. A real natural product! The same goes for our original Beni Ourain rugs. The Moroccan weavers make these carpets out of the wool of special sheep, which only live in the rugged Atlas mountains.

With our elegant and timeless designs you get the best of different Eastern and African cultures. The items transform each space into a magical oasis of peace, where you can rejuvenate from everyday life.




Make a statement with a stunning eye catcher from our enchanting collection.